Common Dog Training Mistakes

Common Dog Training MistakesIt is very easy to inadvertently encourage dog behavior problems or even make certain behaviors worse. Dogs are creatures of habit and they will do what works for them. They are the masters of reading us too; so remember your new puppy or dog picks up on the things we want them to and the things we don’t want them to. Here are a few common mistakes new dog owners make:

 1.) Giving your new puppy too much freedom too soon

 2.) Not addressing misbehavior- which may allow that behavior to become a habit

 3.) Letting your dog think he or she is the one in charge

 4.) Not utilizing a crate because you feel it’s cruel

 5.) Not allowing your dog to explore and experience the world on their own. Instead, being overprotective, carrying the dog around, or always coddling them

Dogs are a ‘Pack’ animal they need structure and rules, in fact they crave it. By setting rules, limits, and boundaries you are enforcing your pack position. Your dog is going to look to you for leadership and guidance, if they feel that you are not capable of providing it, your dog may try filling that role. By showing your dog what you want, having them on a schedule, and providing proper exercise-you’ll be giving your dog the foundation he or she needs to become the best family dog.