Board and Train

Board and Train Dog Training Programs

Dog boot camp MarylandAt Midway Dog Academy, we always encourage dog owners to start training their dog sooner rather than later since being proactive is key to having a dog without bad habits or behavior problems. Most dogs with bad habits start small and progress or manifest into other areas of their lives. That is because practice makes perfect when it comes to dogs and unwanted behaviors – they get really good at doing things we do not want them to do. Our philosophy is get started on the right foot, so you don’t have to endure the bad habits or behaviors, instead you get to enjoy your dog from the start.

Our dog training board and train programs also known as Doggy Boot Camp are among our most popular programs as well as our client’s favorite. Our board and train programs are always customized to fit our client’s needs and wants as well as tailored to fit their dogs. The length your dog stays is typically decided during your evaluation with your trainer usually, but common stay lengths are: 1 week (your dog must be approved for this stay), 10-14 day stay, and our 1 month resident camp. We believe in providing your dog with a solid foundation from the beginning in order to build their skill set, trust level, and obedience ability; which is why we train with real life training for the real world dog. Call us today to speak with a trainer about which board and train program would be best for your dog. Get started by filling out our quick form now!

Available Programs

14 Day Board and Train

*Great for new puppies and most dogs with minor behavior problems

  • Foundation training
  • Potty training with bells
  • Basic obedience with commands
  • Doggy manners
  • Stop jumping on people
  • Stop barking and/or nipping
  • Stop counter surfing and/or stealing
  • Stop running away or out the door
  • Heeling on leash
  • Heeling off leash
  • Off leash recall
  • ‘Drop’ and ‘Leave it’ command
  • Socialization with our own stable pack of dogs
  • ‘Place’ command
  • Confidence building through leadership
  • Distraction Training
  • Crate training
  • Lifetime Follow-Up Guarantee
  • 2.5 Hour go home private lesson

Board and Train in Maryland
Dog Obedience in Maryland

1 Month Board and Train

*Great for dogs with anxiety, fear, or aggression

*Perfect for owners who want their dog to have the most exposure to a new lifestyle

  • Everything included in our 2-week board and train program
  • Advance distraction training
  • Advance Obedience Commands
  • Advance socialization skills – end rough and rowdy play time
  • Long distance training including: ‘Sit/Stay’ and ‘Down/Stay’ commands
  • Stop reactive behavior
  • No more lunging at people or dogs when walking
  • Overcome and Conquer fearful behaviors
  • Overcome and Conquer severe separation anxiety