Online Dog Training

Our online dog training and coaching consultations are the perfect solution for long distance dog owners that live too far or who for those who simply just cannot participate in one of our dog training programs, but would still like to follow our dog training protocols in order to have the perfect dog. It’s also a great option for dog owners that have lots of questions, need advice, or would just like to pick one of our dog trainer’s brain. Our online coaching is done by Skype, FaceTime, or phone call and lasts about 90 minutes. Common issues discussed during our online coaching can include:

  • Potty training
  • Housebreaking and earning freedom
  • How to provide leadership
  • Teaching leash etiquette
  • How to raise a puppy the right way
  • How to start training a difficult dog
  • Setting and implementing boundaries
  • How to crate train
  • And more!

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I booked my session – now what?

Now that your online dog training consultation is booked, Megan will contact you to pick out a time and day that will work best to do our phone session. In the meantime, please start to write down any questions you may have or topics you’d like to discuss during our time.

What do I need to have to be prepared in advance?

If Skype is your preference then it’s recommended that you download Skype ahead of time to make sure you have everything setup before our session is scheduled to begin. FaceTime and over the phone are also other options; whichever is easiest for you is what we will do. Also, please have a notebook handy with your questions written down, that way you don’t forget the things you wanted to discuss and go over.