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Dog Training in Garrett Park, MD

At Midway Dog Academy, we know that dogs function exactly like pack animals – this is why the tailored training utilized by our expert trainers in Garrett Park, Maryland use your dog’s pack drive to create a happier and healthier dog. With our training, your dog can reach his or her potential. The unique dog training programs in Garrett Park will help your dog re-establish the natural order — your pup will learn to interact with other pets appropriately and become a stable family pet when you work with the staff at our dog training facility in Garrett Park.

When your dog re-establishes their pack drive, he or she will learn how to interact socially with other dogs and become a properly balanced dog. If you would like to keep your dog happy and healthy at home or in public places in Garrett Park — then Midway Dog Academy can assist you. Your dog and you will both love all of the new spots you will have the ability to visit when you master the art of guiding and leading your puppy.

Midway Dog Academy’s trainers also offers training that teach dogs how to greet new dogs and people. Along with other very important skills such as: manners training, house training, obedience training, potty training, behavior modification, and more. Our training center in Garrett Park, MD is ready to work with you to fully train your dog – regardless of age, breed, or behavior.

Garrett Park Dog Training

Correcting Dog Behavior Problems

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If you are all ready to begin training your dog – then we have a wide range of dog training classes available to accommodate your dog’s needs and your wants. Some of our offered options consist of puppy training which involves potty training with bells, obedience training, and more. We also have adult and senior dog training programs that include obedience training, behavior modification for some of those undesirable stubborn problem behaviors, socialization, and LOTS more.

Common dog behavior issues that our client dog’s needed assistance with include barking at strangers, nipping, stealing food and/or household items, jumping on and/or destroying furniture, jumping on people, running away, aggressive behavior directed at people or other dogs, chasing after vehicles, chewing things they shouldn’t, leaping over fences, and even dogs of all ages still experiencing potty training challenges. Our professional dog trainers can really help address and correct these typical problems that dog owners may be experiencing.

Garrett Park MD Dog TrainersTraining your dog is never a 1-way street; so with our personalized training approach you can bet on both you AND your dog getting the best training that you want and more importantly need. In order to get started on your dog training journey, call one of our dog trainers in Garrett Park, MD today. Your dog can get a COMPLIMENTARY evaluation from one of our trainers. Once the assessment is completed, a individualized training program can then be put together for your dog that will include the behaviors you need fixed, manners you would like your dog to know, and all of the new skill-sets you would prefer your dog to have.

Our team of experts are dedicated to bettering the lives of dog’s and their owners and to reduce the number of dogs that end up being given up due to poor habits. That is why we regularly write and publish popular dog training articles and advice on common problems along with solutions.

Our Services

Dog Board and Train in Garrett ParkDoggy Boot Camp

Dog board and train camps in Garrett Park, MD are an excellent training program for busy households or people that feel they don’t have the training experience to train their dog. Your dog will live with us in our home and learn everything he or she need to know in order to be a well-mannered dog. Once your dog has finished their portion of the training  – it is time for you to be taught everything your dog learned during a ‘Train The Owner’ session.

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Dog Behavioral Problems

Does your dog need help for more challenging behavioral habits? No problem, our experienced dog trainers in Garrett Park can help resolve your dog’s issues and behaviors. During our assessment, we’ll help you understand  what may have caused the behavior and then we will put together a tailored training program that will help get your dog back on the correct route. With consistency and hard work, we’ll  help you redefine the relationship to have the ability to achieve your training goals.

dog classes Garrett ParkDog Training Classes

Dog obedience training in Garrett Park is a great choice so that you can participate in a group style setting with other dog owners to better your dog’s obedience by learning new training commands. You can also learn how to fix dog behavior problems, learn how to interpret dog behaviour, and socialize your dog the right way.

Potty training puppies

Private Training Lessons

In-home dog training in Garrett Park, MD allows you to work with one of our dog trainers one-on-one in the comfort of your own home. That way you can work on specific problems you may be having that are unique to your environment. Every dog will be individually assessed to decide if private lessons will be the best solution for you and your dog. This way you can set realistic goals that can be accomplished during your private lesson training program.

Does Your Dog:

  • Pull on the leash?
  • Bark or whine incessently?
  • Run away?
  • Potty inside?
  • Show aggressive or fearful behavior?
  • Ignore commands?
  • Jump on people?

Do You Want Your Dog To:

  • Walk next to you on and off leash?
  • Learn a ‘Place’ command?
  • Come when called EVERY TIME? 
  • Greet people properly?
  • Gain confidence?
  • Have better social skills?
  • Ring bells to potty outside?

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Find Out More About Garrett Park, Maryland

Garrett Park is a town in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was named for a former president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Robert W. Garrett. The population was 992 at the 2010 census. Garrett Park is home to Garrett Park Elementary School, just outside the town proper.

Garrett Park was incorporated as a town in 1898, with sponsorship by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, which in 1893 built a train station there.[5] The town lies along the former B&O railway corridor (now used by CSX, Amtrak, MARC) and was named for Robert W. Garrett, a former President of the B&O. It was a planned community from the beginning – when the land it was built on was purchased by a businessman named Henry W. Copp in 1886, he intended to build a suburban development reminiscent of an English village. Copp even went so far as to name the streets after locations in the novels of the English author Walter Scott, such as Kenilworth and Strathmore. He also limited commercial development, and even today there is only one store in the town. Builders were given reduced rates to transport workers and materials to the town site, and new residents were given free trips to move in. Rail suburbs did not catch on in the area, however, and the community stagnated somewhat as automobiles replaced trains and streetcars as the primary means of commuting. In the 1920s, another company built approximately 50 more houses, these with garages.[6] Much of the town is included in the Garrett Park Historic District, listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.[7] Garrett Park Elementary School, designed in 1928 by prominent local architect Howard Wright Cutler, has been designated as an historic site by the Maryland Historical Trust.[8]

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